Welcome, who are we?

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We are so excited you found us. We are your go to photo booth company. We Look forward to seeing you in our photo booth. So who are are we?

Capture it Cute was started after Liesl Harr she wanted to rent a photo booth for a party she was having and found that it was going to cost her over one thousand dollars for lieslher to have this party. That started a dream to have a photo booth that is affordable and reasonable.  After a year, Liesl decided to go on an LDS mission and so Capture it Cute was handed over to her bother Jed.

Jed graduated in 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in Business and Marketing thus he started to help out. Since graduating  he has been married and loves helping put on your events. Whether it is a 1N1A0258wedding or a pool party, he knows how to help you make memories together. Jed does not do this alone. Jed got married on May 30th 2015 to Annie.

Annie is finishing up her teaching degree at Dixie State University, she having just gone through the wedding reception worries knows just how to help you with this photo booth so that you do not have to worry about whether it will look go or how to help it run smoothly.

All in all our friendly staff is here to help you with your fun events! Whether it is a wedding reception, or a party at the park or even at the pool we are here for you!

For more photos of parties we have been to please visit our Facebook page or the Fun Photos tab at the top of the screen.

Please Contact us for more information about our services:

Call 435-668-Cute (2883) or Email us at Info@Captureitcute.com

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